Trailer of ‘The Imitation Game’ debuts on YouTube

Trailer of 'The Imitation Game' debuts on YouTube

Los Angeles, USA: The trailer of the much awaited Alan Turing biopic, ‘The Imitation Game’ debuted on YouTube on Tuesday. ‘Sherlock’ fame Benedict Cumberbatch, essays the title role.

Alan Turing, was a mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, computer scientist, mathematical biologist, and marathon and ultra distance runner. Having pioneered concepts such as ‘Algorithms’ and ‘Computation’, he is considered as the father of ‘Theoretical Computer Science’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The legendary Briton, is credited for being single-handedly responsible for changing the course of the Second World War in favour of the Allied Forces, by cracking several Nazi intercepted coded messages.

The trailer clearly indicates that the film is much more than a biopic, giving us glimpses of some outstanding World War II scenes. Norwegian director Morten Tyldum makes his Hollywood debut through the movie, while Alexandre Desplat composes the score. The film will have its official premiere in the United Kingdom on 14th November, this year. The tentative theatrical release date is 21st November, 2014.

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